CONSTRUCTION - commercial and Industrial

Client Testimonials

Hill and Cox is excellent at delivering projects on time and within the budget. Get them involved as soon as possible with planning your project to maximize their expertise at advising you as the customer on quality construction in the most cost effective manner. They know their business and in my opinion they have been the very best at customer care by taking care of us when we ask them for help. I just do not believe you can beat them at what they do best, take care of the customer by delivering a quality project on time and within the budget.

Shawn W. Cook
Superintendent of Schools; Lakeside School District

When I talk to school administrators across the state about Hill & Cox, I have one word that I repeatedly use, "trust." Having worked with Brian Hill and Robbie Cox for over a decade, these men have won my trust. Their honesty, teamwork with the school and their willingness and ability to address any issues that might arise has kept us working with them on multiple construction projects. This trust, combined with the quality and value of their work is priceless.

Steve Anderson, Superintendent
Lake Hamilton School District

Brian Hill and the Hill and Cox team have done a wonderful job for Gregg Orr Auto Collection from big to small they have been there for us and have done and amazing job at a fair price and in a timely fashion. If anyone ever wants to call me to discuss the jobs they have done for our company please feel free to call on me.
Gregg Orr

Gregg Orr
Gregg Orr Auto Collection

We have come to rely on Hill & Cox’s expertise in developing innovative ways to meet our budget and scheduling requirements.

Morin Scott Jr.,
Southwest Hotels, Inc.

We have worked with Hill & Cox on projects from $600,000 to over $7 million. They always accomplish the two most important things to our clients: They finish on-time and within budget.

Rico Harris, AIA
French Harris Architects, PA

With a dedication to serving their customers, they do more than a satisfactory job because they take pride in their work…even after the building is completed, their job still goes on.

James K. Smith II, President and CEO
Keith Smith Company, Inc.

…our firm of choice for over 15 years…we respect their honesty, professionalism, integrity and knowledge of construction.

Larry R. Hall
Biggerstaff, Minden & Hall Architects

The construction of our buildings has been such a success. The Hill & Cox staff was always professional, helpful and responsive to any concerns and needs.

Pam Bland, Executive Director
First Step

…a testimony to the high quality workmanship & professionalism executed…we have experienced no problems and everything is working very satisfactory.

Peter Martin Coco, President and CEO
Coco Beverage, Inc.

I have worked with Hlll & Cox Corporation on six projects worth over $25,000,000. That was never a doubt that Hill & Cox would be our contractor on our new project. Without exception, Hill & Cox has always put the needs of its customer first... and the repeat business they have generated is a testimony of jobs well done and value received. Their willingness to work with the owner and architect during the design and construction phases has created realistic budgets and manageable timeline's. I wholeheartedly recommend, and willingly endorse them as capable to handle any project... regardless of its size and complexity.

Jim Hale, President of Board
National Park Community College

They do an outstanding job controlling costs and completing projects in a quality manner. I highly recommend Hill & Cox Corporation for any size construction project. They will not cut corners and they take care of the client.

Alan love, Superintendent
Danville Public Schools

Community Counseling Services could not be happier with our experience with Hill & Cox Corporation. We plan to build a Children's Treatment Center in the future and Hill & Cox will be our contractor.

Dr. Don Martin, President
Community Counseling Services

We have worked with Hill & Cox Corporation on projects ranging from $600,00 to over $7,000,000. They always accomplish the most important things to our clients - they finish on time, and in budget.

Rico Harris, AIA
Harris Architects

Robbie and Brian are men of high character,skill and integrity. They flatter us with words to get the job, but rather give us insightful, visionary suggestions that have proven over the years to be accruate. Because of this, I trust them with any size project. They have the capacity to handle large jobs, yet maintain the flexibility of a small enterprise. I highly recommend Hill & Cax Corporation for any project.

Morgan Golden, Pastor
Lake Valley Community Church