CONSTRUCTION - commercial and Industrial

We are Disciplined



Pre-Construction Services – We work directly with the building team to fully understand the desires of the client. We are able to provide preliminary budgets based upon comparable projects in size and scope. During the schematic design phase, we work with the architect to address any constructability issues and provide price comparisons of alternate methods/materials to construct the project.  In addition, we work with owners to help them understand the cost of various items. This allows you to make informed decisions about specific elements of the project. During the design phase, we work in conjunction with a network of subcontractors and suppliers to develop a REAL pricing budget and continue to provide information to you regarding cost and contractibility.

Project Pricing Services – Once project documents are complete, we solicit bids from an extensive list of qualified subcontractors, seeking multiple prices on all scopes of work.  We use Timberline Estimating Software.  We believe that this software is only as good as the pricing information being put into it.  We do extensive accounting of job costing.  We have accurate information regarding costs associated with all components of construction and use this information to provide accurate cost for the project.  If the pricing data base is too low or high the pricing is not realistic.

Actual Construction – Hill & Cox continues to work with the construction team to identify possible savings throughout the course of construction and works to reduce costs whenever possible.


A major difference between Hill & Cox and most large contractors is that you will be dealing with an owner in the company.  Through all phases of the project, you will be working with one contact – an owner of Hill & Cox.  In addition, Hill & Cox has experienced project supervision. Our superintendents have an average tenure with Hill & Cox of more than 20 years.  Many contractors use and release superintendents on an “as needed” basis.

Our relationship with our superintendents is critical to our ability to provide a building which meets our high expectations for quality.  This experience allows them to foresee potential problems and address them before they arise.  They also have developed great relationships with subcontractors, vendors and code officials which allows them to communicate the desires of Hill & Cox for a high quality product.   Our reputation in the community is very important to us.   We have to provide a quality product in order to have opportunities in the future.  We believe communication is a key element for quality.  Project Managers (owners of Hill & Cox Corporation) visit job sites frequently and relay what is expected of our workers and the subcontractors’ workers as well.


Time is of the essence.  We have completed many educational facilities in the past and understand that school starting on-time is always of major concern.  In our 40+ years of contracting, we have not failed to have our facilities ready for classes to begin as scheduled.  There is a delicate balance between performance and product.  In too big of a rush, the quality suffers. We work with you to set achievable goals and work hard to accomplish them. We have weekly project progress meetings which hold all trades accountable for their work.  We use Microsoft Project to establish our goals and update weekly to monitor progress.  We can take appropriate steps as required to meet our deadlines.  We have always been able to achieve our work in a timely manner and meet our clients’ needs.

We believe the project TEAM (Hill & Cox, Architect and You) working together is critical in achieving the best Price, Product and Performance for your building. We believe I-l ill & Cox Corporation has the best combination of these.